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We don't do fads.

Let us repeat. We don't do fads.

If you are looking for the place where the A-List actor went and did (insert fad here), we aren't that place. Why? Fads come and go, but strength training has persisted because it works.

This is Strength Lab and we only do what proven research says works time and time again.

Group Ex

The Strength Lab Group Ex program is a general fitness and wellness program based on sound strength and conditioning principles. The program utilizes a wide variety of equipment including barbells, dumbbells, suspension trainers (TRX), medicine balls, kettlebells, and resistance tubing.

It is a circuit interval training class that aims to burn fat and increase strength in a high intensity 45 minute workout. The morning program, run by Jason Thomas, offers classes at 6:00 AM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The evening program run by Jamar Kent operates multiple evenings each week and includes a 10:00 AM Saturday offering. Program size is limited to 12 participants so that every individual receives quality attention and coaching.

Please note, currently the group exercise program is at maximum capacity and we can't accept new members at this time. If you are interested in small group personal training, please send us an e-mail at