Private Personal Training

Private personal training is conducted in a one-on-one atmosphere where clients have the complete attention of the personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach.  Private training is best for individuals who need a higher level of attention or prefer exclusivity and a personalized environment during their training session.  Due to demand, session time availability is limited for Private Personal Training at this time.

Individualized Personal Training

Previously referred to as "Semi-Private" personal training, Individualized Personal Training is conducted in a semi-private manner where other clients may be present and under the coordinated direction of a personal trainer or strength coach at the same time. Program design and individual workouts are unique to each client, but may be completed during the same training session as other clients.

Weightlifting Program

The Weightlifting Program is a structured, properly periodized training regimen design to teach the two lifts of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  Taught in a team setting, the program develops proper technique and improves both basic and dynamic strength while improving other aspects of athleticism such as timing, coordination, and balance.  Although not required, participants are encouraged to eventually compete at local, regional, and national events.

General Strength Training Program

The GSTP is open to any individuals of high school or collegiate (undergraduate) age.  The program is designed to promote athletic development for teen and young adult athletes.  Under the guidance and direction of a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, each athlete will learn proper technique, strength progressions, and sport specific exercises.  All program design is coordinated by the coach, but athletes are required to track their personal progress to develop a better undertsanding of athletic development.

Team Sports Specific Training

Team Sport Specific Training involves a 8-16 weeks commitment to training by an entire team of single sport.  Typically conducted in the off season or early preseason, athletes build the athletic foundation for a successful season.  Coaches work with the team members to develop and enhance basic athletic attributes specific to the particular sport.   For specific information about starting a team training program please use the link on this site to contact Strength Lab for more information.